iLab Cores at The Wistar Institute

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Bioinformatics Facility

Andrew Kossenkov, Ph.D. (215) 495-6898
Biomedical Research Support Core

Livio Azzoni, M.D., Ph. D. (215) 898-1752
Flow Cytometry Facility

Jeffrey S. Faust (215) 898-3811
Genomics Facility

Sonali Majumdar (215) 898-3902
Histotechnology Facility

Fangping Chen (215) 898-0027
Humanized Models of Disease Core

Dr. Zhe Yuan, Ph. D. (215) 898-3989
Imaging Facility

James Hayden (215) 898-3887
Institute Resources / Common Use Equipment

Jamie Richards 215-898-3708
Molecular Screening and Protein Expression Facility

Joseph Salvino, Ph. D. (215) 495-6866
Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility

Hsin-Yao Tang, Ph.D. (215) 898-3181
Research Supply Center

Wistar Research Supply Center (215) 898-3801